Exclusive Album Review ‘You Belong to Blue’ Martin Stephenson and The Daintees By Katy B (LCR FM - The Sunday Underbelly)

The overall vibe of ‘You Belong to Blue’ as an album is intimate and relaxed with a joyous mood of expectation throughout, whilst retaining the distinctive Stephenson trademarks of lush arrangements and understated but sublime guitar embellishments.  It comes with the same inherent romanticism that attracts a demographic of a certain age to the Stephenson catalogue too - with a strong sense of musicality, this is an irresistible selection of poetic songwriting and lush balladry.  The opening track being the longest on the album sets the smooth, laid back mood, Broken Nights/Faded Cities entices you to sing along from the off.  Next, Sweet September Rain swirls along  through subtle guitar licks lulling you into the groove too.  Then, You Belong To Blue, the title track and one of the stand-out songs on the album opens with a prolonged intro and extends into a dreamy, drifting melody which conjures up images of relaxation and reverie, with the lightness of backing vocals from Anna Lavig

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